Battle Buddy 4 Life, LLC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Veterans Organization for Veterans founded in South Carolina.  We are an organization that is still in its growth stage.  We have had to undergo a re-imaging, re-branding, and re-designing phase in order to grow and expand our network of help and assistance to all Veterans and their families.  It is our goal to Never Leave a Veteran Behind, For We Are Our Brothers/Sisters Keeper.  In order to achieve that goal, we work with hundreds of counseling centers all across the nation to help Veterans cope with PTSD and Severe Depression.  As a 17.5 year Army Veteran myself, I know the struggles of finding help when it is needed the most.  We try to reach those Veterans who have used up all other resources and are at their breaking point, and by getting them into counseling centers we are partnered with it is our goal to stop the Veteran Suicide Rate from getting higher than it currently is and hopefully stop it altogether.  Along with counseling, we have now started accepting donations in the form of wheelchairs, and electric scooters for our Veterans that are in desperate need for those items and that cannot afford to wait on the VA to get them the equipment in which is needed for an easier and better life.  Battle Buddy 4 Life since our re-branding has been operational under the Secretary of State’s Office of South Carolina as a local nonprofit since June of 2017.  Together my wife and I founded this organization because being married to a soldier, she knows first hand the struggles in which we face on a day to day basis.  

EIN: 27-0445944